What’s your story?

 What thoughts I have of you today

 For I walk down this beach under the  sky,self conscious…

 Looking at this new day…

 I saw your lonely eyes last night…

 They were the reflection of my eyes.

 I heard you ask me the questions that I  keep asking myself

 what is your story you said…

 I said ,same as your’s…

 It was as if walking side by side            on two parallel lines…

This is our parallel lives…


I Love U😘😚


to isha

पूरी दुनिया जब बुरा-भला कह रही थी मुझे

तो I Love you कहा था, उसने मुझे

जब दुनिया ने तोड़-मरोड़कर रख दिया था मुझे

तो उसने सहारा देकर, फिर से आगे बढ़ना सिखाया था मुझे

न जाने क्या देखा था उस पगली ने मुझमें !

जब परछाई ने भी साथ छोड़ दिया था मेरा, वो मेरे साथ पल-पल खड़ी थी

न जाने क्यों….. मैं पूरी दुनिया से अलग लगा था उसे

जब सबकुछ हार गया था मैं, तो वो जीत बनकर साथ खड़ी थी मेरे

और देखते-देखते मेरे पूरे अस्तित्व में हीं समा गई वो

मैं उसका बन गया था, और मेरी बन गई थी वो

मुझे प्यार करते-करते….. खुद प्यार बन गई थी वो

तभी तो कहता हूँ, लड़की नहीं…….  पूरी झल्ली है वो

अब उसे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ मैं, वो जान है मेरी… ये इकरार करता हूँ मैं

आजकल प्यार की नई कहानी लिख रहे हैं, वो और मैं

वैसे तो पूरी दुनिया है अब मेरे साथ, पर मेरे सबसे पास है वो

तभी तो कहता हूँ, लड़की नहीं…….  पूरी झल्ली है वो

O My Love😍

I haven’t written you a poem in year it seems.

How can it be my fault,

when the words to describe you have not yet been created?

When the alphabet lacks the very letters?

How can it be my fault,
when your loveliness only grows

by the time I reach for pen and paper?

Tell me how I am at fault
when I am only a beginner in poems

and you are exquisite poetry?

To write you in words 

is to put a veil upon you.

Why must I write

when I can kiss you instead?

“Love u Bangaram(బంగారం)”

This pain is taking its toll,
But my love it never gets old

The trials and defeated emotions,

Keeping me sane with magical potions

The heart that keeps my blood flowing,

That pain that keeps me down but going

If the pain leaves and love stays,

How would life be for me?

Would I have a hole in my heart

Where hurt and pain used to be?

Is there a way out of this…

Loving, painful, misery?

Is there a way in to this…

Love that I have failed or neglected to receive…

Is this love?

Unconditionally loving you is…

Bringing me pain

But it keeps me sane because I have you…

Am I kidding myself?

Am I in denial that you love me back?

Am I just a dream away from reality?

Am I making believe that I love you?

I think not…

But pain keeps me going

My heart keeps my blood flowing

You keep my life glowing

God keeps me believing

My calmness is showing

But my happiness is hiding

From pain and love

But i still love to bear this pain.😙😍

  ​”ये प्यास बढ़ती चली जाती है “

  •          ​“ये प्यास बढ़ती चली जाती है “

कभी बात से बात निकल आती है

कभी बात होठों पे आने से पहले ही टुट जाती हैं,

आह ! निकलती है आँसु बनकर

जुबान नाव की तरह किनारे पर लड़खड़ा जाती है,

ये रंग ऐसा है जो चढ़ता है कालिक बनकर 

दीवारों पर सीलन पड़ जाती है ,

लाख जलते हो दिये ,रोशन हो सवेरा

पर हर दिये तले रात जलती ही जाती है।

एक मोड़ है हर मोड़ के बाद 

ये सड़क बढ़ती ही जाती है,

चुप है जुबान आज भी

खामोश फिजा छाती चली जाती है 

ये फर्क है बस एक बुंद का

गला तर हो फिर भी

ये प्यास बढ़ती चली जाती है

The power of love❤

Love is unconditional ❤

               The Power Of Love❤
The power of a wind can chill.
The power of a fire can burn.

The power of a gun can kill.

The power of a mind can learn.
The power of anger can deep inside

Until it tears you apart…

But only the power of your love

Can melt my cold cold heart.



A summer kiss on winter night😙

A summer kiss on winter night,
 Precious gift enough to ignite 

my teenage mind with burning flame;

 a neighbouring dame with sweet name

 a cage-free bird on its first flight.


 Many years ago but still bright 

in my mind like day’s first sunlight ,

and how I enjoyed when it came

 a summer kiss (the first one😍).


Like molten wax of candle light lips melted    

 as she held me tight , 

passion’s fire was hard to be tamed;

 A surprise gift from that sweet dame

 taste of manhood on the winter night 

      by a summer kiss.😉:)…

Love brings changes

I have found love, or so I thought, and it proves time in and time out that love is pain

So why do we continue to love?

Why do we continue to pursue love and fight for love, when love only hurts us?

The answer is simple: Love is a challenge; a misunderstood entity

Those who fear change look to love because it never changes, or does it?

I love you…Love your smile, love your eyes, your heart

Love hearing you speak, forgetting the separation that drives us apart.

Separation, heartaches, lonely nights


Long text messages, longer days of waiting….Change will indeed come


Never looked into someones eyes and seen myself; have I seen me in you?

Do you see you in me?

Will things ever change?



You keep hurting me; pain ends eventually


Love ♥


I love, and yet you keep causing this pain, a pain and love that mixed and never changes

In time I see that love is the ultimate change and that pain is everlasting

In order to love fully and wholeheartedly, you must hurt

You must give of yourself; your heart and find the true meaning of love for yourself


It is a quest that the lonely venture and the weak wander

Me, I knew nothing of the sort

For love was a stranger….until I met you



The pain my heart feels when you walk away

The changes I’ve watch myself make since the day we met

The heart I have to succumb too, knowing I’ll never rid this feeling

The anger I burden on nights when we are apart

The tears I cry

The fears I subside

Is love really worth it?

Years of pain, will eventually equal change

Love Brings Change♥


True love comes only once in a lifetime
yet it lasts an eternity
It has the power to crush someone so deeply
while at the same time they know
there’s no one else in the world they’d rather be with
True love will knock down the walls of difficulty
to be with that special one
It will take your hand and fly over the world
into a place where there’s no pain, no tears
True love will withstand the test of time,
forever waiting until its love is returned
It never fails, never dies, never lets go of the one they love
That is true love… endless love…